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Friday, August 3, 2012

Preparing for the new year

I have had one of the best summer breaks yet.  My family and I had the opportunity to take a fabulous trip to Hawaii, I celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary and was swooped off to the Grand Canyon, and have now started to coach volleyball.  And of course had many fun days with my 3 little ones at home.  We exploded soap in the microwave, played with water beads, made a light box, took glow in the dark baths, make things glow with a blacklight, froze small toys and chiseled them out, blew up balloons with baking soda, and some other crazy mad scientist experiments. I don't know who had more fun me or the kids!! (:  Now to prepare for the school year, in less than 3 weeks I'll report back to my classroom and be faced with a lot of work since our school is part of a turnaround process.  My goal for next week is to prioritize what I have left to do in order to have a great start to the year! I don't want to be playing catch up, my kids deserve the best!  My tip is to make a list and commit to getting 1-2 things done each day.  What strategies or tips do you use to make sure you are ready for the year?