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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Darn that PG-13 Rating

UPDATE: Our tour of the hotel and CBI to a movie turned out wonderful! The kids asked appropriate questions during the presentation and were polite during breakfast.  When they arrived at the theater, we only had one minor issue of wanting to buy more snacks than they brought money for.  So we will be adding that to the list of activities for the rest of the year! The kids loved the movie and of course the popcorn.  We even had a chance to teach them about cleaning up the theater after the movie. Next CBI includes a presentation at Monster Mini-Golf with an LPGA Pro.

One of my student's wrote this list and drew pictures with the help of his classmates. My favorite one is "flatulence"!

First Happy Mother's Day, I hope all of you had a wonderful day.  I enjoyed our busy day with the kids and all the family, so thankful all worked out so well.  Now back to work already,  man these weekends have been flying by!
So the agenda this week for community outings includes a tour and presentation at Aliante Hotel and Casino followed by a movie.  Originally, the plan was to get a tour of the hotel area and learn about the various jobs they have to offer and then find an age appropriate movie that would be interesting to our students.  All the students in my classroom are high school aged and a few older ones. They had been watching movie trailers as part of our, Pop Culture lessons that we do daily. The students loved watching the one for Avengers, so we knew right away this was the one we wanted to take them too see. When submitting the paperwork to get approval for the outing, I was unaware that PG-13 movies were banned in the District all together, no matter what the movie is or if all the parents give permission (which they did, all 30).  First we were denied the trip all together. The Principal loved the idea of the tour and seeing various jobs but didn't see the connection with the movie portion and direct instruction. We were thankfully able to meet with him and show him that we were following a curriculum that was purchased by the school earlier in the year.  The curriculum has assessments specifically for learning appropriate social skills in a movie theater setting...score!!!  That idea right there helped our Principal see the light and reconsider our trip, and it's educational value to my students.
So the next problem goes back to the PG-13 rating, no go there. We were told find another movie that would be age appropriate...I thought no problem that has to be pretty easy, plus I was so excited that we still were given the chance to go the movie. Ha! Everything good for high school students IS PG-13.  Instead of dwelling on this, we just found the only PG movie that was somewhat appropriate, Pirate Bands of Misfits.  Well I take that back, Three Stooges is only PG, however I will not take my students to a PG movie that shows people punching each other in the head or where ever. So Pirates, here we come! I heard the movie was pretty funny, so I'm hoping the students pick up on the humor also AND of course learn jobs at theater, purchasing tickets, buying concession stand items, not talking loud during the movie, or getting up out of your seat many times, the list could go on of all the skills the students will be practicing that day! Catch you on the flip side.



  1. Hi there! I see you are new to blogging...welcome! It is so much fun. Good idea - I like how you got your principal on board. I'm your newest follower. :o)
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  2. Thanks Vicky! It is fun and has been a great way to unwind and share activities!