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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stocking Shelves

 As part of our vocational training on campus, we were able to designate one room that was split into various sections: stocking and pricing, setting a dinner table, folding and hanging clothes, a student store with a cash register, lounge area, bedroom, and an office.  We didn't get a chance to perfect each area, but we definitely have a head start for next year. 
Thanks to all those who helped us collect all these items!!
Other jobs on campus included sweeping common areas throughout the day, helping in the Graphic Arts room, custodial tasks such as dusting, washing windows, sweeping the carpet, cleaning chairs and tables, house jobs such as watering plants, cleaning out the refrigerator, wiping down a microwave, shredding important papers, sorting recycling, and even running school errands and checking mailboxes. 

Next year we hope to be back working in the cafeteria and in the school-wide student store.  We were proud that 5 of our seniors and post students were accepted into the District's work programs!

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